Acetylon Pharmaceuticals to utilise additional financing in multiple myeloma drug development Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Inc . Announced today that it provides closed on a $2 million purchase from a fresh undisclosed private trader to bring its total funding to $9.25 million. This brand-new investment will convert to stock in the next substantial round of preferred equity funding. The Company also announced two additions to the senior administration team. Simon S. Jones, Ph.D., was appointed Vice President, Biology and Preclinical Advancement and John H. Van Duzer, Ph.D., was appointed Vice President, Chemistry and Manufacturing.

Nevertheless, in other noncritical fluid handling applications, bubbles of a certain size might not affect the operation of the system. In medical applications, the tube diameter isn’t restricted, but the technology is available off the shelf for 2-7mm tubes currently. However, in a few applications, really small bubbles do not present a risk and you don’t have for flow to become interrupted. And also detecting bubbles ranging from a few microlitres to several millimetres in size, our sensors are able to fulfil the necessity of detecting foam as air flow.