More than 75 percent adults in another survey said that they might want a ban on smoking cigarettes in outdoor areas where children frequent like parks and playgrounds. Way forward There are valid promises that banning smoking does not only protect the fitness of the kids but also prevents them from adapting adult smoking behavior. The aims of RCP completely is to stop smoking. The measures that legislation makers have to adopt according to the RCP suggest upsurge in the real price of tobacco, quit tobacco smuggling and illegal trading and stop the media from marketing to young people. They demand removal of cigarettes from display at shops and packaging should be generic and standardised. Decreasing images of cigarette smoking in films and tv can be another important approach.That’s where the new study comes in. The experts examined the outcomes of 2011-2012 surveys on the meals habits greater than 3,100 children and young people aged 2 to 19 years. The investigators found that entire fruits made up 53 % of fruit intake overall, and 100-% fruit drinks produced up 34 %. The others consisted of mixed-fruit products and beverages that are not 100-% fruit. Apples made up 19 % of fruit consumption, followed by citrus juice , apple juice and other fruit juices .