A few clinics are focused on helping pregnant women with prescription drug addictions The Wall Road Journal examines the growing number of women dependent on pain killers and efforts to greatly help them through pregnancies. The Wall Street Journal: Fighting Drug-Structured Births When Tara Lee Bailey, a longtime pain-tablet addict, became pregnant last year, she tried to quit cold turkey. However the experience was stated by her was so miserable-;with vomiting, cold sweats and aching bones-;that she went right back to using. Then she learned about a plan at the brand new Maternal Addiction and Recovery Middle at Marshall University's medical school here and signed up.As Idaho’s health care woes grow increasingly worse, AARP is calling on Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch to vote and only the Senate healthcare reform bill likely to come up for a vote Christmas Eve, and is normally sending the Senators a ‘Xmas List’ of Idaho’s health care crisis. ‘Senators Crapo and Risch continue to play partisan politics on this critical issue while high healthcare costs are hammering Idaho families, businesses and retirees,’ said Jim Wordelman, Condition Director for AARP in Idaho.