This scholarly study, carried out by Dr. Lit Hung Leung, claims that Acne breakouts are because the body cannot generate enough of Coenzyme A to breakdown the fatty acids that create sebum. The reason is, Coenzyme A is the one most needed enzyme in your body probably. This Coenzyme-A is what synthesizes sex hormones, and what reduces fatty acids. The only part of Coenzyme-A that the physical body will not produce itself is vitamin B5. So, when there is a shortage of B5, there is a shortage of Coenzyme-A. And if there is a shortage of Coenzyme-A, the body use it to synthesize sex hormones, not breakdown fatty acids.The acquisition of Auden Mckenzie is definitely a strategic combination that makes Actavis the number one generic firm in the UK and aligns with our strategy to establish a leading position in every of our markets, franchises and therapeutic types, said Brent Saunders, CEO and President of Actavis. Auden Mckenzie's knowledge in the commercialization and advancement of high value, technically demanding formulations and also specialized and niche opportunities is complementary to and expands Actavis' UK business focus, said Robert Stewart, Executive Vice President Actavis, and President, Global and Generics Operations.