Supine and passive yoga positions are suitable for using the bolsters with. Placing them on top of the yoga mats offer added cushioning and support the lower body to make sessions more comfortable. They are light and in addition can be conveniently carried around, put in a mat bag, or stored in the corner of a available area. They can fit in a closet without taking up too much space, too. The yoga bolsters can be found in a large selection of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials that are designed to fit many different practices and needs for yoga. There are numerous types of bolsters such as for example cylindrical, rectangular, Zafu, and others. Usually, cylindrical types are larger and much more company than those that are rectangular.AG200-15 is designed to effectively deliver a low dose of estrogen ) in combination with levonorgestrel . The patch is applied once weekly for three weeks followed by a patch-free of charge week. We anticipate enrollment into the study will be rapid, powered by women’s desire to have greater convenience and ease of compliance in their selection of contraception. KlegermanAgile’s NEW CHOICE Research will enroll up to 1500 women aged 17-40 at over 100 sites throughout the U.S. THE BRAND NEW CHOICE Study will evaluate efficacy and tolerability of AG200-15 to a low-dose, oral contraceptive. Women thinking about participating in the brand new CHOICE research should visit Dr.