For more information on HeartPrint, visit To find out more about Materialise, visit:.. This was the news that Christine White heard when her grandson Bradley was only three. Over another many years, Bradley had to endure several open heart surgeries including having a defibrillator implanted to safeguard him from unexpected cardiac death. Dr. This unique 3D-printed HeartPrint model allowed the physicians to better understand the complex romantic relationship of the tumor, imprinted in a difficult opaque material, and surrounding anatomical structures imprinted in a flexible transparent material.Kundalini Yoga exercises is essential for everyone in order to energize the mind and body. Maya Fiennes, a famous Kundalini Yoga teacher has dedicated her life in developing assets for people to understand the secrets of chakras, how they are able to have considerable effect on mind and body, how to free up creativity and appreciate love fully, truth, and wisdom for a far more blissful life. With years of dedicated study, furthermore to remarkable talents as a classical pianist and performer, her modern twist on Kundalini Yoga exercise has proven extremely attractive to many seeking instruction. Her DVDs and books offer excellent instruction, while accompanying music is conducted and compiled by Maya, herself. Her unique music CDs present initial and astounding arrangements of popular Kundalini Yoga exercises mantras for renewed energy, anytime or anyplace.